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80 Strand (Shellmax Building)

Main Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine
Category: Commercial
Value: £2.74M
Services: Installation of: SFS framing systems, Drylining, Fire rated Beam encasement, Armstrong Ceilings, Soffit Insulation, Firestopping and Plastering, Fibrous GRG Cornice works

Scope of Works

The iconic Shellmax building located looking over the river Thames is a visual spectacle that has lasted through the decades to become one of London’s most reputable buildings. In 2020 a major refurbishment project commenced to re-modernise the office floor spaces to suit the demand for enhanced office floor space.

Lightweight Drywall delivered works to 4 levels of CAT A floors of major refurbishment as well as to the landlords communal areas such as lift lobbies and entrance areas into the building. The project demanded works of a high quality for such an iconic building as well as maintained the key features of the original build. A challenge in itself. The refurbished office floor spaces were expanded so that there were no new ceilings but a new finish provided to an old and worn surface. The works detailed more substantial toilet facilities as well as plastering and lining walls and ceilings to provide a visually expansive office floor space.

Our other works extended into more complex works to the fibrous package to the communal lobbies as well as various SFS (structural Framing System) works throughout the project. Working with Sir Robert McAlpines (Main Contractor) and PDP (Architects) collaboratively together to progressively work towards aesthetically pleasing solutions to a tightly constrained commercial refurbishment.