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1 & 2 New Ludgate

Main Contractor:Skanska
Category: Commercial
Value: £2.17M
Services: Design and installation of: drylining, shaftwall, Fire Rated Beam & Column Encasement MF ceilings, plastering, soffit insulation

Scope of Works

With views overlooking St Pauls Cathedral and the Old Bailey Court house, the new build project of 1 & 2 New Ludgate was a testament to the speed and logistic ability of construction. Two separate 10 storey commercial office blocks were built simultaneously whilst being merged together underground with a large basement footprint. The two buildings of differing styles, were built as two separate projects with both Skanska and Lightweight Drywall providing separate teams for their build.

Lightweight Drywall had the responsibility of forming the fire rated risers and toilet partitions on the main office floors and extended to providing linings to the staircase areas and the back of hours facilities management routes within the basement areas. The core works featured complex articles on both 1 & 2 buildings, with curved walls and bespoke Coving GRG nibs to provide the right aesthetics desired by the architect and the client. Our works also comprised of the basement fire rated beam and column encasement and integral soffit insulation all to provide the fire and thermal performance required from the structure of the basement. Working with other site contractors and Skanska, Lightweight drywall were able to produce a fine article of commercial shell and core fitting to the projects location. The success of the project was the collaborate nature in which we all had to work together to ensure that we produced the correct quality but within the time period. This was a exceptional achievement for all involved.