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80 Fenchurch Street

Main Contractor: Skansa
Category: Commercial
Value: £2M
Services: Design and installation of: Fire rated beam encasement, MF ceilings, Drylining, Shaftwall, Insulated Render and Plastering

Scope of Works

80 Fenchurch street project is a 14 storey commercial development in the heart of London. Lightweight Drywall completed works to a number of key areas within the project inclusive of the Core and CAT A works. Our services for the project extended from the design phase with early integration with both Skanska and TP Bennett Architects and of course the build process.

We successfully completed works to the perimeter toilet box walls, riser core works and fire escape routes inclusive of Fire encasement of steel sections, aesthetic linings and ceilings to the staircore areas and Aesthetic linings to the perimeter columns and walls. All of which was completed with a high quality plastered finish.

The complexities of the project were dictated by the speed of the program and freeing up key service ares to allow install of building services, much needed for the project progression. Through our knowledge and experience working on high rise projects, we adapted our methodology and expanded our training to allow the risers to be built safely over an open void and thus free up this key deliverable for the project.

80 Fenchurch street was delivered on time to a demanding programme and therefore our working methodology and speed of construction was key in delivering a successful project on time and snag free. This aesthetically pleasing project was a pleasure to work on. With Lightweight Drywall working so effectively with the Skanska site teams and other contractors, this meant that project was delivered with great success and one we are proud to have completed.