Example One: Palestra

This project contained a number of features which presented significant design challenges and required a great deal of planning and careful detailing.

Lightweight Drywall’s design team worked with the architect and suppliers to develop the original project information and produced design proposals at each stage to arrive at Construction Issue design details.

In addition to the impressive double height walls in reception areas, which were required to support substantial pieces of artwork and to interface with adjacent glass panelling, Lightweight Drywall also had to design a fire rated spine wall through the staircases from basement level through to first floor, and to install a large quantity of secondary steelwork to pick up the required locations of partitions.

Lightweight Drywall installed extensive fire protection to structural steel within core areas and built in steel “goalpost” frames to support large doors and banks of riser doors. They also overcame the problem of lining the stairwells to extremely tight dimensions whilst accommodating structural deflection at each level, handrails where required and fire protection to steel beams and columns.

The design input from Lightweight Drywall was central to the successful completion of the works within the cores and enabled easy coordination with other key trades to be achieved.

A perfect example of this was in suggesting the construction of secondary independent linings in front of the passenger lifts, which enabled the lifts to be installed prior to the permanent lift-fronts, saving time on the overall programme.

Reaching the final of the Federation of Plastering and Drywall Contractors national drywall awards, the undoubted finished quality owed a great deal to the design and planning that had been carried out by Lightweight Drywall throughout the project.

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