Sample Contracts - Falcon Wharf

‘A high quality mixed use waterfront development in the heart of London offering a unique approach to urban living and requiring the highest standard of workmanship’

Client: George Wimpey City
Contractor: Carillion
Scope: Partitions and Ceilings
Value: £2 million
Duration: 50 weeks
Architect: James Burland

The Falcon Wharf development was intended by the architect to be a new and ground-breaking style of living, situated as it is on the river Thames at Battersea, close to the centre of London, and affording its residents privacy, comfort and stunning views.

The main feature of the scheme is the “Winter Garden”, a form of inside-outside space which allows each of the 124 apartments to have plenty of natural light and continuous fresh air whilst keeping unwanted noise to a minimum. Lightweight Drywall constructed the dividing walls and soffit linings in these areas as well as all internal partitions, party walls and ceilings.

The building is constructed on a basis of four curved sides in a cruciform configuration with rounded ends, resulting in a large number of curved and angled partitions over the full length of each side. This presented a major challenge in setting out and construction, and internal dimensions of the dwellings were critical. There was little repeatability in the project, with a large number of different apartment layouts and configurations including duplex apartments on the upper levels, so every apartment had to be approached individually.

The overall feel was simple and minimalist, meaning that it was essential to form crisp, clean lines and ensure that shadow gap details, used extensively throughout, were well maintained and consistent. All ceilings were constructed as “floating” rather than fixed at perimeters in order to enable the required structural deflection.

Falcon Wharf was awarded “Best High Rise Residential” award from the London District Surveyors Association and stands as a notable landmark on the Thames near Battersea Heliport.

‘Attention to detail was the key to success at Falcon Wharf, tackling the technical challenges and producing finishes that bear the closest scrutiny.’

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